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EcoLoto( 6/49)
EcoKeno (Keno, banco)
EcoSuper7 (Super7 lotto)

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GenPageCbplus(EAN13 barcodes)
GenCB39(Code 39 barcodes)
GenCB128(Code 128 barcodes)





Soccer Software


Welcome on
Cellard Software Canada
Web site

On this web site you will find softwares to download concerning :
.Lotteries games ( Lotto 6/49 , keno , banco , super7 ) with softwares that permit to optimize the play
.Business with barcoding labels softwares, .Soccer with a soccer tracking and scoring software

Cellard Softwares

Software that permits to optimize play on the Keno lotteries (Ontario daily keno , Quebec Banco ...)

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36$Can / 39$Can

Canada/Quebec Representative:
Eric Mottet 5968 St-Urbain Montréal, Québec Canada H2T 2X5 -


Software that permits to print Code 39 barcodes on labels pages.

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